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ArtShuffle - also known as
"The Never Ending Picture".

In this millennium - We are on the brink of the individualistic era.
This reflects our everyday life.
We want this special touch of uniqeness. Especially in our homes.
Original paintings are a symbol of this uniqueness.
What if you could combine an original painting with your own personal touch?

With ArtShuffle you can.
Each original peace can be turned and placed in 4 different ways. With 9 pieces that give you 8 billion different expressions.

We guarantee that you will not find anything similar anywhere.

The creators are two "Great Danes":
Vibeke Østergaard and Jesper Schytt.

ArtShuffle – også kendt som
”Det uendelige Billede”

I dette årtusinde – er vi begyndt på den individualistiske æra.
Vi ønsker noget unikt – specielt i vores hjem.
Hvad nu hvis man kunne kombinerer original kunst - med sit eget præg?

Det er lige hvad du kan med ArtShuffle.
Hvert originalt stykke kan flyttes til nye positioner – samt drejes 4 veje. Med 9 stykker kan man skabe 8 milliarder udtryk.

Vi garanterer at du ikke finder noget tilsvarende andre steder.

Kreatørerne er de 2 danskere
Vibeke Østergaard og Jesper Schytt.

Jesper Schytt
The unit itself came quick, and I was super excited to start playing with it. The lace wigs is soft, the curls super bouncy, and it reaches just below my shoulders. It was hair extensions uk after being in a bag for a few days I guess, but I took a few sections of curls, twirled them with my hand and goodbye frizz. I was in shock. I've never had lace wigs so low maintenance before. Still the most important thing for me is the hairline, which is why I included a close up. In the pictures I only cut the hair bundles and plopped it on, didn't add concealer, didn't use any type of styling products, or glued it down because I wanted you guys to see how amazing it looks before you even put work in. I no longer have to worry about what I'm going to do with my hair for an upcoming wedding, and I can wear brazilian hair uk whenever I get the urge to just give up on my transitioning journey because it's too much. Just on those two points alone I can say this is unit is worth it and then some. Buy it.

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